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THE PROGRAM:  Our goal is to provide educational and development services to children through love, respect, and understanding. We provides educational activities appropriate for children at each level. We offer two programs - infant program (includes toddlers) and preschool program (no Pre-K).  Our preschool program is subject to space availability and open to children from our infant program.



  • The center provides a full day child care service for infants and toddlers age up to 3 years old. 
  • The center opens from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  We provide both full time 5 days a week full day or part time programs of various options.
  • Parents must provide the main meals for infant and toddler; the center provides for snacks for the toddlers. 
  • The staff is composed of a director, teachers and teacher’s aides.  We maintain the ratio of 1:4 staff to child ratio for the infant program.  The regulation for the preschool ratio is 1:12, but we maintain between 1:5 or 1:6 ratio staff to students in average.  

LICENSE: We are licensed by the State Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Child Care.


DOCUMENTS FOR ENROLLMENT:  The following forms will be provided.  Forms to fillout will need to be submitted prior to child’s start date.


  1. Admission Agreement should be reviewed and signed. Copy is provided.
  2. Notification of Parent’s Rights form (LIC 995)
  3. Personal Rights form (LIC 613A)
  4. Identification and Emergency Information (Child Care Centers) (LIC 700)
  5. Consent for Emergency medical Treatment form (LIC 627)
  6. Child’s Preadmission Health History – Parent’s Report (LIC 702)
  7. Physician’s Report – Child Care Centers (LIC 701) (medical-assessment requirement, including TB skin testing if indicated by the child’s physician)
  8. Immunization Information
  9. Needs and Services Plan (for infants and children with special needs)


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